JEROBOAM bike festival – 22/23 september 2018

JEROBOAM bike festival – 22/23 september 2018

What is jeroboam?
Jeroboam is europe’s top gravel and adventure cycling event

Jeroboam is a gravel ride?
Jeroboam is more than a gravel ride.
You can choose your “ride size”:
– 300 km adventure gravel self supported.
– 150 km road
– 75 km gravel
– 37,5 km social
(you can also choose your bottle size of franciacorta “bollicine”:
Jeroboam 300, magnum 150, standard 70, demi 37,5.
It’s better after the ride)


And jeroboam300?
Not the classic gravel ride: j300 is technical and demanding.
You must be prepared to pedal 300 km and 6000d+ in 2 days, mostly on
Mountain gravel terrain.
J300 is just for tough riders.

What my family will do during my ride?
Franciacorta region is one of the most beautiful in italy and is famous
Worldwide for its “bollicine” wine.
Historical cities of brescia or bergamo or wonderful garda or iseo lakes
Are just few kms away from erbusco.


What is the ideal bike for jeroboam300?
A gravel bike with large tires is your perfect “jeroboam tool”, but also an
Xc mtb could be a good choice.
No road bikes.
If you do it with a fat bike, you are an hero.

What is necessary to ride j300?
This is your compulsory kit:
– helmet
– waterproof jacket (taped seams)
– front light and bike lights
– mobile phone with never alone app
– food and water
– spare tubes, tools and a pump
– the necessary for the night if you plan to stay outside



I’ll find some refreshment points?
There will be 2 refreshment points along the way, before and after the
Most difficult part.
The first one, after 107km, is the rifugio amici miei, in pertica bassa (Map)
The second one is rifugio cima piemp, in tignale, after 180 km (Map)
You’ll find food, shelter and a smile.
There is a maximum time for the j300?
Jeroboam it’s not a race, but an experience to enjoy.
Anyway, to ensure your safety, there will be a “time barrier” before half
Route, at rifugio amici miei, after 107 km: riders must be there before 22.00
Of saturday.
If you won’t attend it before the designated time you must come back to
The starting point; we’ll give you a route to come back and to enjoy the
Best of our trails and routes also in this case.
The maximum time to arrive in erbusco is sunday at 18.00.
You’ll have 33 hours to finish the j300.



I’ll find mechanical assistance?
Jeroboam300, 150 and 75 are not races.
We don’t provide any mechanical assistence.
For emergency you can call the staff numbers.
I’ll find
Medical assistance?
Yes, at the second “refreshment point”.
For emergency you can call the staff numbers.
For medical assistance the italian number is 112.
In the area there are several hospitals (Link)

And finally:
– look out for each other
– respect the environment
– pace yourself – it is a long way
– remember to have fun!

Departures timeline
H 9 > j300 and 75
H 10.30 > 37.5
H 9.30 > 150
H 10.30 > 37.5

Registration open here


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